Hi there!
Welcome to 2xMilk. We make small-ish indie games and white label games for clients. Our games and client games are on iOS, Android, Steam, Humble Store and so on.

If you'd like, you can say hi by emailing hi@2xmilk.co.

Our Games

Skipper - lowpoly puzzler | Press Kit | Steam

Help Skipper, Dipper, and Mable cross the Crystalline Sea as they complete a series of ever more challenging puzzles in this minimalistic lowpoly world.

Super Happy Slaughter Time | Site | Press Kit

The ultimate revenge against the ultra-cute. Super Happy Fun Time will have you exploring an open world to lure, hunt, and destroy as many marshmallows in the most bloody and imaginative ways possible. A chainsaw on a yo-yo? Why not. Stick of dynamite and a box of nails? Sure. Maybe just run them down with a hot dog cart! Your call.

VThree | Press Kit | Steam

VThree is the rocket jumping, gravity field floating, fast paced first person platformer you didn’t know you needed. Run, jump, and blast your way to the top of the leader boards & best your friends in online multiplayer.

Mino the MinotaurComing Soon to iOS & Android

Help Mino navigate the island world Aquerra, collecting the missing stars and restoring his captured friends to their homes.

Tiny Kleptos | PC

Remember multiplayer in the 90's? How when you played together you were close enough to punch a kidney or pull someone's hair? Tiny Kleptos brings coop action, and all the friendly couch violence that comes with it, as you fight unending hordes of angry and discarded toys in a battle for couch owning supremacy.